Navoh release the Landfall and Genoa SDK by Robert Betts on 2013-09-19 10:10:00

Navoh Partners have made available the Landfall and Genoa SDK on a trial license. To register your interest please visit the SDK Page and complete the registration form.

Genoa is a framework actively developed and maintained by Navoh Partners, 
providing common patterns and infrastructure for real-time applications.
It frees developers to focus on the functional and user requirements, not wasting time solving the common engineering problems faced in modern day applications. Code is easy to write, maintain, trace and debug because of this patterned and well defined framework.

Genoa comes in three components: a JavaScript library, a Genoa Server and an API for distributed Services. Genoa is cross platform solution supporting services written in many languages. The primary messaging protocol is based on Websockets and serves as a great solution for real-time messaging in web browsers. It also natively supports ZeroMQ for service messaging and is easily extended to support other messaging platforms.

Landfall is an generic application framework that extends Genoa providing the ability to design a completely customisable application from the ground up. 
You configure the database model and the user interface screens, then in a matter of minutes you have a functioning application. A key design considerations behind Landfall was to provide a application administrator with the ability to design, enhance and extend their application with the least amount of programming. Landfall delivers a real-time, rich client experience in any web browser running on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.