LandFall: An Enterprise Web Application Framework by Robert Betts on 2013-02-04 12:00:00

Till recently Navoh Partners have developed Unify, a trading management and middle office application on top of its in house technology framework called Genoa. Genoa is a composition of open source projects and modern design patterns. Its primary purpose is for the coordination of transactions, messages and data which are transmitted real-time over distributed backend services and client browser front ends. For more information on Genoa take a look at

When implementing a software application one of the common challenges is how to fulfil all of the clients requirements by the software. Because every client is slightly different and software application products tend to be more generic there is always a gap.

Each application has its own unique way of achieving this. While busy on a prospective client implementation, we came to the conclusion that our software application was not the perfect for this client. They would use 10% of the existing functionality and the remainder would be extensive customisations. The client loved the technology and in particular its support for smartphones and tablets. We thought about the best way to leverage Genoa to fulfil this clients requirements.

Landfall was conceived. Landfall is an generic application framework that sits on top of Genoa and provides the ability to design a user specified application from the ground up. You configure the database model and and the user interface screens and in a matter of minutes you have a functioning application.

Landfall is conceptually similar to Microsoft Dynamics or other ERP applications.

Landfall has a rich API further customization of the application to fulfil the users exact requirements.

Navoh Partners are in the process migrating all existing applications as available modules into the Landfall Framework. 

Detailed information on how Landfall works will be released soon, any enquiries before then are very welcome. 

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