Navoh release the Landfall and Genoa SDK    2013-09-19 10:10:00

Navoh Partners have made available the Landfall and Genoa SDK on a trial license. To register your interest please visit the SDK Page and complete the registration form.

Outsource to Opensource: An Alternative Technology Choice    2013-02-04 12:00:00

There are new dynamics at play in application software development and provision and this is having a particular influence on Financial Software Systems . New paradigms are available to software vendors selling systems or financial firms interested in building their own systems. These dynamics and paradigms are have been lead by the maturing of Open Source ideals and the embrace of Open Source Software by commercial organisations.

LandFall: An Enterprise Web Application Framework    2013-02-04 12:00:00

Landfall is an generic application framework that sits on top of Genoa and provides the ability to design a user specified application from the ground up. You configure the database model and and the user interface screens and in a matter of minutes you have a functioning application.