Landfall Application Framework

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Landfall is an generic application framework that provides the ability to design a completely customizable application from the ground up. You configure the database model and the user interface screens, then in a matter of minutes you have a functioning application.

Key design considerations behind Landfall was to provide a application administrator with the ability to design, enhance and extend their application with the least amount of programming. To deliver a real-time, rich client experience in any web browser running on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.


  • Framework for HTML5, Single Page Applications
  • Real-time data delivered to Mobile Apps and Web browsers
  • Dynamic, user defined data model
  • Messaging API
    • Request / Response
    • Publish / Subscribe
    • Pear to Peer
  • Configurable user interface
  • Built-in role based access control and permissions
  • Responsive design for desktop computers, tablets and smart phones
  • Scalable and distributed back-end services
  • API's for hand crafted business logic and user interfaces


  • Workflow and Process Scheduling
  • File Archive Management
  • Customer Relationship Management